Career Counselling

Internship Overview

The career development program focuses on the concept and importance of taking informed career decisions. It enlightens students on various aspects of the decision-making process. The challenges and opportunities available are discussed so as to make students more educated while planning their careers.

Group Discussion, Public Speaking, and Personal Interview workshops

Group discussion and Personal interview are essential elements of selection. In addition to group discussion are reflective public speaking, ability to give an impromptu power-point presentation are valuable skills that are needed from today’s management graduates. Addressing this need of the Indian corporate world, The SOM at Bennett University continually pushes the boundaries for the soft-skill development of the students. We help students develop their public speaking skills, presentations skills, group discussion skills and personal interview. We collaborate with the corporate and make this a continuous process before the final placement season. These exercises help the students in preparing and scaling up their interview skill sets & strengthens. We are in the process of partnering with third-party institutes to help students prepare for aptitude tests and psychometric tests.

CV and Cover Letter workshops

Curriculum vitae means “story of your life”. However, with only one or two pages for your CV, you can’t afford to treat this literally. Be selective about what you include. Always ask yourself the question “Is this going to be relevant to the employer who is reading this? In line with our goal to create leaders out of students, we continuously strive to give them the best career services possible. We have professionals who would provide many hours of counseling and training to help you improve your curriculum vitae and cover letter.

Networking Events

Networking can help you build mutually supportive relationships with other like-minded professionals. It is an excellent way of sharing knowledge, ideas, and expertise and creating your professional profile. Each student is encouraged to have a proper LinkedIn profile and adequate professional business card. To start any networking activity, you need to have an appropriate business card. Following, there is short training on how to network with people you need in a meeting, conference, trade show, or a start up networking event. The students are also encouraged to attend global events around Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad to increase their outlook further and develop stronger networking skills.

Social Media Workshop

Sharing online allows you to craft an online persona that reflects your values and professional skills. Even if you only use social media occasionally, the content you create, share or react to feeds into this public narrative. How you conduct yourself online is now just as important as your behavior offline. Building your personal brand on social media takes some work, but it could land you your next job opportunity or help you to foster valuable connections. Students are provided information and skills to develop strong, interactive, professional social media image. They are also offered training for them to learn how to handle online bullying and develop robust online communications.

Student Clubs and Student Activities

There are many clubs operational in the university and at the business school that will enhance the creative sides of the students and develops hobbies. A hobby is not traveling or watching tv, something productive that adds value to live. For example, the students can join music clubs, dance clubs, marathon clubs, art clubs, music clubs. Apart from hobby clubs, students are encouraged to run professional clubs like finance club, marketing club, operations club and IOT club. These clubs are encouraged to be entirely run by students as someone would run a company. These clubs are encouraged to organize inter-university events every semester and organization for all these are again driven by students.

Corporate and Professional Mentoring

We are in the process of standardizing corporate mentoring program. The corporate mentoring program would involve corporate professionals with at least 15 years of experience who would be willing to mentor you for 3-5 hrs per year. They would help you giving you various career choices and would also guide making the right career choice, should you as a Bennett student willing to get mentored. This ensures students, from the beginning of the program, have a vision of their desired career path and have an industry mentor to help them grow and understand the necessities to succeed in their chosen industry and specialization. Individual Corporate Mentors from the industry have one-on-one sessions with the students and help them build their SOPs (Statement of Purpose). After understanding and guiding them in choosing their career options, the mentors help students identify the gap between their aspirations & the reality. The mentors would assist the student in realizing his strengths and weaknesses. They would try to guide a student to choose the specialization. They might also help students get networks.