Training Overview

Job Assistance!

Getting noticed by the potential employer or the recruiters, CV plays a fundamental role in deciding whether they should consider you for an interview or not. Does not matter, whether you are an established professional in IT or a trying to break into the industry a proper display of you skills and competencies are very important.

Employers and recruiters go through huge pile of CVs to filter the right candidates and it takes them 30-40 seconds to make the decision. A professionally drafted CV which highlights your skills in a way which is easy to read and enable the person to make a positive decision is the first step in job hunting. Our recruitment department helps in preparing your CV and reviews it until it meets the industry standards.

Mock Interviews

Interviews during the job searching process are a very exciting as well as sensitive stage. It is exciting because you have successfully convinced the potential employer that it worth considering you for the role and it brings you one step closer to getting a job. On the other hand, it is sensitive because it is another filtering process and you need to persuade that you are the right fit.

Employers tend to evaluate a candidate with a series of interviews, and each interview has its own skills assessment criteria. An interview could be telephonic, face to face or over Skype. Candidates should know how to successfully go through each interview by giving the right answers, appropriate amount of confidence and control the nervousness.

  • Have your CV reviewed by industry professional
  • Tips and guidance to improve your CV
  • How to highlight your skills and competencies
  • Get your CV prepared as per industry standards
  • Help in getting your CV noticed during CV search
  • Understand the relationship between your CV and LinkedIn
  • DO`s and DONT`s while preparing your CV
  • Evaluation of technical knowledge and capability
  • Behavioural and scenario based questions
  • Body language and confidence boost
  • Building the rapport
  • Professional feedback on mock interviews
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • A rigorous process to take away the nervousness and lack of confidence

Job Search Guidance


  • Understanding the job role requirements
  • Matching your skills with an appropriate vacancy
  • Aiming the right compensation as per your competency level
  • Role of recruitment agencies in the market
  • How to get the desired results during job search
  • Knowledge of industry hiring process


  • Get the maximum response from employers
  • Increase your chances of getting more interviews
  • Confidence in knowing your market
  • A targeted approach to get your dream job quickly
  • Widen you market horizon
  • Stand out in the crowd and have competitive edge from your competition