To create a company in SAP FICO the process is as follows: Firstly, the user has to first create a unique company code and

then after that assign it to the created company. Here are the step-wise instructions to do that:


Step 1 : In the command field available, type in transaction code SPRO

Step 2 : Select SAP reference IMG from the next screen appeared in front of you.

Step 3 : The Display IMG window will be open to you. From there, enter the path

SAP customizing implementation guide -> Enterprise structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting -> Define company

Step 4 : From the menu appeared before you, Select the option ‘New Entries’

Step 5 : Enter the company details in the next screen.

1. Enter company id which is unique for the company
2. Enter company Name
3. Enter detail information section :
Company address
PO box
Postal code
4. Enter country code
5. Enter default language for the company
6. Enter Local currency for the company

Step 6 : Entering all the required information and press save. Company is created.


Company code can be assigned by either by

1. Editing company using company code
2. Assigning company code to company

Editing Company code

Step 1 : Transaction code SPRO should be entered

Step 2 : SAP Reference IMG should be pressed

Step 3 : From the Display IMG window, follow the menu path
SAP customization Implementation guide ->Enterprise Structure ->Definition->Financial Accounting->Edit, copy, Delete, Check company code

Step 4 : Select activity in next screen and Edit company Code data

Step 5 : New Entries should be selected

Step 6 : Enter the following details for the company

Type in the unique company code Number
Type in Name of the Company
Enter City where company situated
Enter Country to which company belongs
Enter Local currency applicable for the company
Enter the default Language

Step 7 : By Clicking Address Details button, you can enter the postal address of the company

Step 8 : From there, you will be asked to enter the following data about the company

  • Title
  • company Name
  • Search Term 1 and Term 2
  • street
  • postal code
  • city
  • country
  • PO Box and Postal code

Step 9: .After completing the above data entry, Enter appropriate details in communication section

Step 10 : Press Save button after completing the entry of and then enter change request number

A New company code is now successfully created .

Assigning Company Code to company

Step 1 : Go to SAP reference IMG

Step 2: From there you have to Select the menu path
SAP customizing Implementation guide ->Enterprise Structure ->Assignment ->Financial Accounting -> Assign company code to company

Step 3 : Enter the unique company ID against the company code that you want to assign to this company

Step 4: Save the entries and Enter the customizing request number

Company code is assigned to the company in the above screen.


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