Accounts recievable is one of the sub-modules of SAP Fi Module. The main purpose of it is record and manage the data of customers that related to accounting i.e. data of payments to be recieved from the customers. it is generally represented as SAP FI-AR, where AR stands for accounts receivable. It is to be noted that all the updates in the Accounts recievable is also reflected in the General Ledger. To track Vendor payments and outstandings, they have lots of inbuilt functionalities for forecasting and reporting.

The sub-module Accounts Recievable includes the following processes

  • Credit Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Cash Payments and Receipts
  • Master Data Maintain 
  • Reconciliation and Accounts Analysis


Important Components in SAP AR module

Below are the important components in SAP AR Module

  • Payment Transactions (FI-AR-AR-PT)
  • Down Payments (FI-AR-AR-DP)
  • Information System (FI-AR-IS)
  • Credit Management (FI-AR-CR)


SAP AR Transaction Codes List and their Uses

Here is a bunch of Transaction codes in SAP AR and their uses.

FD 11: To do Customer Account analysis

FD 32: To change Customer credit managaement

FD 33: To display Customer credit managaement

FD 10: To get Customer Account balance

XD01: To create customer (centrally)

VD01: To create customer(sales)

FTXP: To maintain tax code

FRCA: To get settlement calendar

FSF1: To get Financial calendar

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